Lesson Planning for Language Teachers

Evidence-based techniques for busy teachers


Planning should support learning.
It should use best practices.
It shouldn’t take forever.

If you like this blog, you’ll love this book!

Use current research and tested techniques to plan better, faster and with less stress.

This book is for busy language teachers who never have enough time to plan, but want the best for their students.

Written by an experienced language teacher, trainer and manager, this book will help you reflect and improve on your planning process.
Evidence based techniques include:
- A four stage framework to plan any lesson, fast.
- Lesson planning process and checklist.
- Realistic strategies for personalising the coursebook.
- Adapting lesson structures to support learners.
- How to always have the best activities.
- Six principles of designing tasks.
- Creating materials that support more with less effort.
- Planning for supportive or creative interaction patterns.
- Deciding on scaffolding vs. differentiation.

You’ll read about:

Why to Plan

Lesson Planning Cycle 3.jpg

Your Students

Your Students 2.jpg


Context Good Teaching.jpg

Lesson Aims

Criteria for Example Aim.jpg

Lesson Structures

Lesson Methodologies.jpg

Activities, Exercises & Materials


Task Design

Task Design.jpg

Supporting Students

Interaction Patterns.jpg
Brilliant book! Changed the way I think about and plan my lessons, for the better!
— Sarah H, Teacher