Why Lesson Plan?

Lesson Planning.PNG

So why lesson plan? Well, there’s a theory in the stock market that says everything known about a stock is reflected in its current price.

I believe that it’s the same for your teaching knowledge – everything you know is reflected in your lesson plans (or at least the thinking that goes into them).

Over the years I’ve seen all kinds of lesson plans and lesson planning styles. They are as individual as the teachers making them. I’ve seen great teachers walk into a class with just a post-it note (or nothing at all). I’ve seen not-so-great teachers walk in with meticulously detailed 6-page lesson plans.

Lesson plans are the chance you have to reflect your current beliefs and best practices, and adapting those to specific students, whilst letting you express your own style. Is it any wonder that they’re all so different?

But Really, Why Lesson Plan?

Before Class

To prepare an ideal learning experience, by;

  • Preparing to teach specific set of students a particular language point

  • Preparing ourselves mentally for the lesson

  • So you don’t have to think too much in class, you can respond to the students instead

  • Oh, and because if you don’t, your manager may fire you

During Class

  • To give you confidence

  • As a quick reference

After Class

  • To help you reflect on what went well, and what you could do better

  • To keep as a reference for the next time you teach a similar class

  • You can write notes on it for ideas you want to remember

As most good TEFL jobs require you to lesson plan for every lesson, you’ll be doing it a lot – and something you do daily is worth doing well. So let’s start learning how to write the perfect lesson plan!