From a Student's Point of View

From a Students Point of View

From a Students Point of View

Dear teacher,

As a student in your English class, I wanted to make you aware of a few things. In case you hadn't noticed, generally...

  • I’m well behaved (most of the time).

  • I want to have fun.

  • I may or may not want to learn English.

  • I enjoy talking and doing tasks with my classmates.

  • I don’t want to look stupid.

  • I don’t like using a course book, it’s boring and it sucks.

  • I want praise from the teacher.

  • I want my classmates to see how clever I am.

But if I don’t understand or am bored,

  • I’ll play with my phone / classmates / ask to go to the bathroom .

  • I’ll start day-dreaming.

  • I’ll feel stupid for not understanding.

  • I might ask my friends what you’re saying, if I care enough.

  • You’ll have to work hard to get my attention back.

  • I’ll think you’re a bad/inconsiderate/uncaring teacher and resent you.

  • I’ll start to hate learning English.

So that's me. Thanks for listening.

As a teacher, how do you take your students' personalities and motivations into account?