Should We Even Be Teaching Language in the Classroom?


Or should we be teaching language learning skills and providing a ton of motivation? What is our job, really?

In many schools, teachers act as gatekeepers, doling out a few breadcrumbs of knowledge and artificial activities for a mere couple of hours a week. Students attend because they have to and leave uncaring. They won’t think to use English until the next lesson.

We all want to find a way to make English fun for our students. Can we make it more fun than not doing English?

How can they do what they find engaging in English? How can we relate their interests to English so that they spend time outside the classroom doing it and being exposed to real-life English?

Finding the key to their motivation will make their learning so much faster, more effective and more enjoyable.

...Let us say therefore that given motivation, it is inevitable that a human being will learn a second language if he is exposed to the language data'  Corder (1967:164)

I believe it’s our job to show our students (or their parents, if they’re young learners) how to learn themselves, and give them the why to want to do so.

How do you increase your students' motivation?


Corder, S.P. The Significance of Learner’s Errors (1967)