Why You Can Deliver a Technically Perfect Lesson ... and Still Suck

A Technically Perfect Lesson

A Technically Perfect Lesson

(Spoiler: it’s because you didn’t care enough)

You walk out of class and do a fist pump “YESSSS!”. A technically  perfect lesson.

You delivered everything in the lesson plan exactly as planned. Down-to-the-frickin’-minute. Instructions were sharp. Classroom management was impeccable. Your graded language was flawless. The students completed their tasks on time and to spec.

So why do you have a little voice of doubt nagging at the back of your mind? You did everything right, right?

Maybe. You may have just lost.

Technical skills are important, yes, but if we’re being honest, they should just be the price of entry.

Being a truly great teacher, one who can inspire, means building connections. A connection between you and the students, between the students themselves, or between the students and the material you use.

Connection is caring. If you care enough to inspire the students to make a connection, you give them a reason to care.

Now you have the students caring about what they’re doing, now you’ve won.

How do you inspire your students to care about English?