Book: Lesson Planning for Language Teachers

Book Lesson Planning for Language Teachers.jpg

So this isn’t actually a review, but rather an announcement.

I’ve completed my first book, called (you guessed it) ‘Lesson Planning for Language Teachers - Evidence Based Techniques for Busy Teachers’.

Why A Book?

I noticed that some of the most visited pages on this site are the Lesson Planning pages. So it was clear that folks are interested in learning to plan better.

Also in my day job, I train teachers for the Trinity Diploma in TESOL, and for the assessed teaching component, lots of the same issues pop up for teachers starting the course.

Putting the two together, I decided one of the best ways to I could help was to flesh out the ideas already on this blog, explore ideas in more detail, with examples, and add in a whole bunch of stuff I hadn’t gotten around to writing yet.

What Does It Include?

A whole bunch of stuff: see the ‘Book’ page for more details, or take a sneak peak inside over at Amazon.

If you decide to take a look, I hope you enjoy it!