Get Your Students Hooked On Language Learning

Students Hooked on Learning.JPG

What if we could make learning a language as addictive as chocolate, computer games or TV? What if we could make learning English so enjoyable that it became something that students did when they procrastinate, rather than something they procrastinate from doing?

Yeah, right…

But what if?

Fun Language Learning = Addictive Language Learning

Turning a long, arduous process (i.e. language learning) into something addictive is really hard.

Or, really easy; you’ve just got to make it fun for students. Like, ‘sugar-induced-bouncy-castle-birthday-party-with-all-your-friends-when-you’re-five’ kind of fun.

But that’s just pushing back the inevitable question… how? Making something that fun isn’t easy; it doesn’t just happen. As a teacher, you’ve got to plan that to happen.

You’ve got to help students build their relationship to the language they’re trying to study. Find a way they can make a connection with the language. If they love playing computer games, show them how they can play computer games in English. If they have a favourite singer, show them exercises they can do to learn what the lyrics mean. If they love football, give them the vocabulary to understand footie commentary.

Use what the students love as a ‘gateway’ to becoming addicted to English.

Remember, if you have to ask if your students are having fun, they’re not.