14 Language School Customer Expectations


As a language school customer, once I’ve paid my money I have some demands you need to meet.

Fail to meet them, and I’ll go spend my money someplace else. I’ll probably bad mouth you to all my friends on and offline, too.

Outside the Class

I want...

  • Ongoing re-assurance that I’ve chosen the best course for me and that I’ve spent my money wisely.

  • To know how I’m going to be able to learn the language (what language learning methodology do you subscribe to? How is it different from the school down the road?).

  • Proof that I’m making progress.

  • To know that the teachers are qualified and capable.

  • To be able to speak to someone about any concerns I have, over the phone or face to face.

  • Clear and fair policies for refunding, delaying classes, etc.

Inside the Class

I want...

  • To get individual attention from the teacher in class.

  • To have my errors are corrected as soon as they can be.

  • The right level of challenge.

  • The material and delivery to be engaging and motivating.

  • Not to feel uncomfortable pressure when I don’t know the answer.

The Extra Mile

If you want to go further, and delight me:

  • Let me enjoy every interaction with every member of staff.

  • Make me feel like part of a community.

  • Make me feel special.

Does your school give me these? If not, how are you going to change so that it does?