So What’s This Site About?

It's about teaching, training and managing in the TEFL industry. 

It's for all us hard-working folks who take pride in their work, who care about their students, and who want to improve their skills. 

I write this blog to help others, and to clarify my own thoughts.

My Journey

I'm David Weller - a TEFL teacher, trainer, manager and insatiable coffee drinker.

I started teaching in 2003, and since then I've been a teacher, trainer, examiner, manager, regional manager and just about everything else. Along the way I’ve also completed the Trinity DipTESOL and a Master's in TESOL. I think it's fair to say that I'm going to be a TEFL 'lifer'.

I started this blog back in 2013, partly to organise my thoughts on particular topics and partly to create something of value (I hope!) to other folks in the TEFL world.

Since then it’s grown to cover other topics. I hope you find something interesting or useful here.

What Are You Interested In?

I write about most things in the TEFL world. The site was starting to look a bit messy, so I've organised it into ten areas:

  1. Lesson Planning

  2. Teaching

  3. Mindset

  4. Technology

  5. Learning Theory

  6. TEFL Theory

  7. Reviews

  8. Career

  9. Managing Teachers

  10. Fun Stuff

You can see these on the home page, or in the sidebar on some pages (pictured over on the right).

If you’re interested in Lesson Planning, you might want to read more about my book on the subject.

If you want to read through everything, then you can visit the 'Blog' page.

The 'Resources' page is also a collection of sites I find useful for all things TEFL-y.

So Why 'Barefoot TEFL Teacher'? 

Barefoot - because of a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, like the old barefoot doctors of Asia.

TEFL - because it's focused on language teaching, which has given me a career and a passion.

Teacher - because teaching is just what we do!

Or, if you prefer a handy Venn diagram:

Barefoot TEFL Teacher

Yes, I can’t seem to stop drawing teaching ideas and concepts as little diagrams, so you’ll find lots sprinkled throughout the site. I apologise in advance.

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Thanks for reading, and the best of luck with your teaching journey.